It’s been exactly a week since The Game of Thrones ended airing on television but the chill of the online world is not yet dropping any time soon. We guess you’re reading this because you’re one of the people who still wonder about what happened and what could have happened in the story if you had the other way around. We totally get what you’re going through right now so what better way to feel better than to release our frustrations and ideas and ‘what ifs’ just to get this over with?

Not every one of us was satisfied with the ending and with how we reached that conclusion, apparently. For a show as big as GOT, that’s totally not surprising. There are so many different kinds of fans to please and some of you have posted your what-could-have-been and we compiled them for your easy reading. See them below!

1. What if Daenerys Targaryen did not love Jon Snow?

Screenshot from Twitter/@yeahclarke

You know what they say, love can be the most dangerous thing! Daenerys did a lot of things out of the way to getting her main goal immediately and lost so much in the end. She held Jon dearly in her heart and yet we can’t say the same for Jon. He had more important things to care about than her. That’s not his fault, but it’s a true sad reality.

2. What if Bran was controlling Drogon this whole time?

Screenshot from Twitter/@GuyThatIsShy

We did not get shots of Daenerys while she was on the back of Drogon burning the whole of King’s Landing and so we never really got the chance to see what her face looked like and get into her perspective. We know that the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran, can get into ravens and control them and maybe he could have done the same to Drogon to paint Dany as a mad queen. It can be. But then Dany is fully aware and accepting of what she has done to the city even after she went down so…..I don’t know, that’s really pretty hard to twist.

3. What if Dany comes back to life?

Screenshot from Twitter/@JakePickachu13

So the fans are more definitely not over Dany’s tragic arc. But hey, this is an interesting idea! We never really saw where Drogon took Dany and so there’s actually room for wonder. David Benioff and D. B. Weiss sure know how to give space for hope. We love and hate you guys for that!

4. What if they all just win equally?

Screenshot from Twitter/@VeNus_De_MiLo1

Okay, I know human beings are naturally selfish and people would always want more for themselves but imagine if they just divided the seven kingdoms and they all become kings and queens then maybe we’d have a more peaceful world! If only humans can work that way!


5. What if Jon accepted Dany’s proposal?

Screenshot from HBO

In their last scene together, Dany is offering Jon to be his co-ruler. She wanted them to do this together! If Jon could have just given that a chance then maybe he could have still guided Dany to the right path and saved her from her evils. Killing is the fastest solution but never the best one.

But here’s the real deal……

6. What if Ed Sheeran just gets the Iron Throne?

Screenshot from Twitter/@hobbitnugget

It could have been a kingdom filled with music and love then!

But seriously, it was revealed in episode 1 of season 8 that his character survived the Loot Train attack but with a burnt face and with no eyelids! Poor boy! But he still knows how to sit right? Our favourite ginger boy could’ve played us a tune from that Iron Throne for god’s sake!

But this the best of them all………..

7. What if it was all just Ned Stark waking from a bad dream?

Screenshot from Twitter/@TravenDunn

That’s it! Just get this ending and we’re all going to be fine! Hail Ned Stark!


We know these are all just wishful thinking but hey, it was quite fun!

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